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At AJ TRi we understand first hand the time, commitment and sacrifices that go into becoming a world class triathlete. We work to help our triathletes navigate their way through the business aspects of their career. While training and racing is key to your success on the coarse, there are key business activities that must also be undertaken to take you to the next level. Seeking and gaining sponsorship and endorsements are key to your financial success in the world of triathlon. We work with our athletes to help create successful and individual branding, undertake sponsorship and contract negotiations, provide administration support and web page development and ongoing management. At AJ TRi, we want to take care of the business so you can focus on what you do best

Train Hard and Win Triathlons!



AJ TRi can tailor make a management package to suit every individual athlete as we understand you are all different and therefore the level of support you need will vary.

When you’re out training we are behind a desk writing emails, making phone calls, putting plans in place that will assist you in furthering your career. We know it’s not that you don’t have the capability of doing these things yourself, but there is a limit to how far you can stretch your time.

Eating, sleeping, training and recovering have to take priority in your world so you are the best athlete you can be.

We want to help make you the best athlete you can be - on and off the course.



We work with each athlete to ascertain what sponsorships they want, what they need and put a plan in place to make them happen. Obviously we cannot promise every request will be granted, but we can promise to will work tirelessly to make sure you have what you need to do your job as a pro triathlete.


You are your biggest asset, you are an invaluable product to companies not only within triathlon and the greater sporting community. We aim to create a brand that stands you above the rest. This includes logo development, business cards, resumes etc.

What makes you unique, what is YOUR story, because we know every athlete has one.

Media time and press coverage is key to the development of your public profile. We work to get you in magazines, online publications, build your social media following and work to make you a household name in Tri Land.


One of the most tedious activities you cannot avoid is administration work. From ordering new equipment and products to organising flight tickets, and visa applications, booking accommodation and airport transfers, we understand how time consuming and often confusing this can all get. That is why AJ Tri is here to help. We can complete the task, assist you with planning or be there with supportive advice.

We are not experts on all matters of business but through our large network of business professionals, if we cannot help we will be able to put you in touch with the people who can.


As an additional service AJ TRi offers athletes web page design and development.

We work to provide a web page that is not only aesthetically pleasing but promotes our athletes at the highest level of professionalism. A website or blog can say a lot about an athlete and we aim to further your ‘brand’ with an equally impressive web page.

Already have one you love… No problem at all!

We can also offer ongoing maintenance of your existing blog or web page. We know it can be time consuming to update your page regularly so AJ TRi can take over updating making sure you’re never old news!

Contact Us today to discuss the management package that’s right for you!

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