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AJ Tri was established by Professional Triathlete Jimmy Johnsen and his wife Aimee johnsen.

A coaching and management firm created solely to assist and enable triathletes of all levels be the athletes they want to be, that they can be. Providing the tools they need to succeed both on and off the course.


AJ Tri Coaching – Jimmy Johnsen acts as Head Coach for AJ Tri Coaching

As a world class ironman athlete racing on the professional circuit, Jimmy understands the importance for every athlete to have a plan and structure in their training to enable them to reach their goals. JImmy provids personalised training programs that work to build on skills already possessed by his athletes and help develop those that need be. He works closely with his athletes to set goals and then creates the programs to make those plans come to life.


AJ Tri Management – Aimee jOHNSEN, Head Athlete Agent for AJ TRi management.

Through her first hand experience travelling on the pro circuit, Aimee knows exactly the hard work and time it takes to look after all the business elements that make up your professional career. With years of management experience prior to AJ Tri, Aimee has applied knowledge to the world of triathlon. Providing a personal and thorough management package that is specific to each individual athlete.


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